How do I enable SMART on a HD if SMART is already enabled in BIOS?

First, SMART is enabled in my BIOS. I have three hard drives hooked up to my 0-2 SATA ports on MOBO, the one with the problem is the largest HD on SATA 0 which happens to have two partitions, one of them being the OS. I have never setup the system for RAID. It is a WD Caviar Black 1TB 32mb 7200 rpm, model WD10000LSRTL, the other two HDs have SMART enabled (one is a WD Caviar Black 500gb and Seagate 500gb).

I noticed that SMART is disabled when I viewed the drive information in Intel Desktop Utilities (the other two drives showed that it was enabled), all of my searching just leads me to everyone saying to check your BIOS.

How do I enable SMART on this drive?

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  1. SMART is enabled in the BIOS but as your other drives have been enabled for SMART this must have been set. It is possible to disable SMART in the drive itself by using the manufacturers hard drive utility. Try downloading the manufactures hard drive utility and see if there is an option to enable SMART on the drive itself.
  2. I looked up the utilities on WD's site for the Caviar Black and it does not have anything in it to turn SMART on or off. I never turned it off knowingly on this drive, I have no idea how it happened. Funny thing is the WD utility showed all three of my HD's SMART status as unknown but Intel Desktop Utilities shows two enable and one disbled.
  3. You didn’t say what motherboard you had, check with the motherboard makers web site to check if a BIOS update fixes this issue.
  4. I have the newest BIOS, just updated it a few days ago. I noticed the SMART status after the update because Intel Desktop Utilities did not run at all on previos BIOS.

    I have an Intel DH67CL Media Series 1155 mobo.
  5. Have you tried your non SMART working hard drive on another computer? The problem may well be with the BIOS on your motherboard. If the hard drive SMART works on another computer try reporting the issue with the makers of your motherboard.
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