Can't boot from CD - Keyboard refuses to work

I know this topic has already been asked. I read it but the settings that are asked to be changed there, cannot be found on my motherboard.

I'm using Magic Pro MP-P6M-133. An unknown brand i presume. I can't find settings that somehow relate to USB functions. I can provide the necessary info. I just don't know what to provide.

If I put this in the wrong category/subcategory please inform me. I couldn't find my motherboards brand anywhere.
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  1. You may have to buy a used ps2 keyboard to get into the bios. I use the "del" key unless another is specified on the post screen. I bought an IBM ps2 keyboard for $3 from a computer shop years ago and just recently sold it. It lasted forever. Of course if you make it into the bios, change the boot order to cd>hardrive.
  2. Your motherboard might not recognize the USB keyboard. Do you get as far as "press any key to boot from cd"? if you press a key, and it still doesn't boot, get a ps2 keyboard.
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