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I'm an average person, who just needs some help putting together a gaming system within the range of 1200. I don't play Crysis but I would like a powerful system for the money.

Not partial to either i7 or quad core, but not interested in duo, i5 and probably not AMD(unless convinced).
Looking at a nvidia card and 500gh to 1t of hd. Everything else is really undecided.

Lost on the case, fans, and general knowledge of what goes with what, or what does not.
Would like to order a customize or ready unit from Cyberpower pc. Not ready to begin to think about building it myself.

Thanks, any help or insight is vastly appreciated.
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  1. Seriously, no ideas?
  2. save yourself the money - wait for entry level 32nm intel cpus.
  3. right now, with that sort of budget you could probably get an i5 750 coupled with a hd5870.

    thats probably the best buil you can get, and should be bags of performance.

    but you need to scope around for the parts and find out whats available wherever you are. put together a list of options and post it and we can try to help you decide.
  4. I agree with welshmousepk.Even though you said that you're not interested in the i5 I think that it's a mistake to overlook it as it's a great performing CPU.
    You said that your budget was $1,200.
    I think that a good highly potent system would revolve around 2 Radeon 5850 cards in cross fire (about $520 U.S.) and either a P55 i5 (cheaper) or P55 i7 860 (better) CPU.Here is a recent review of 2 5850 cards in crossfire.,2433.html

    I prefer the 5850 over the 5870 though because of its lesser price (bang per buck).

    If you can swing a i7 920 and a inexpensive X58 motherboard go for it but don't overlook the P55 i7 or i5
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