PC wont display, no beeps, no boot, fans on.

I bought a new video card for my PC yesterday and once I hooked it up I kept getting three 3 beeps, no display and evething else booted up fine in the pc afterwards.
I havent replaced the pwoer supply,motherboard, or cpu since i bought this PC years ago, however it was a 1300 dollars gaming machine, so I figured it would have more then enough power.
*I was correct the power supply is 550 wats 12v at a 28a*. The new graphics card, PNY Nvidia gts 250, requires at least 450 wats and a 12v rating of 22. Comparedto my old 8800 gt that only required 215w.

I look up online to see what the problem is and I read it can be a memory problem. So i take out the ram and plug it back in, now there are no beeps and the system is not booting up. Fans work, motherboard light is on, all the lights inside the pc are on, but no boot, no display.

I switched out 3 video cards and nothing. So it cant be that.

I took out all the ram chips and try to boot with no ram and no graphics card and the same symptons.
Only the loading or busy light infront of the PC is on, ALWAYS ON, no matter if i attemp boot or not.

I took out the 2032 battery in the mobo, waited ten minutes, plugged it back in and attempted boot.
Same thing.

I read that ur not suppose to tinker with the volatage in the power supply, its uppose to be at 115 or 110, not 220. I cant even remember where it was originally, because i switched back and forth to see if ti was that.

When I switch it and it shows 115 the pc attempts to power on, I see the power button flicker on in front of the pc, ONLY TIME IT DOES IT, and then immediately shuts off.
I switch it to 220 and everything turns on but the power light never turns on.

I dont know what to do.
If the motherboard was fried woulnt it not even turn on?
Please help.
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  1. Anyone? I'm about to head towards the nearest repair shop and see what's wrong. As a college student I lack a lot of $ so I would usually leave that as my last option. =/
  2. You might wanna check your motherboard documentation to see if there is a clear cmos reset jumper. Also your RAM might be damaged due to static electricity if you didn't ground your self when you took it out, so u might wanna try other RAM sticks. The voltage of your PSU depends of the power voltage output where you live. Also maybe your power supply might not be enough for the new card after all... google it out and see what u find out. Hope this helps and GL repairing.
  3. Thank you for answering.
    I will google the card but the issue is booting up the pc, it wont work with any card.

    I will try to get new ram tomorrow and see if thats the problem, I really, really hope is just the ram.
  4. did it work than
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