How bigger power supply do I need?


I have a Gigabyte P5Q3 mobo with a Geforce 4850 display card (with 2 power leads to it. 2.8 CPU Intel, running 2 LCD monitors. 4 GB Ram.

Inside XP box I have
2 x Seagate SATA 500 GB
1 x WD SATA 500GB
1 x WD SATA 640 GB
1 x LG CDrom SATA

4 external USB GDs each with their own power supply thru a hub with it's owm power supply.

My box Power supply is.. 650W (P4-C650)
A/C input 115/220 (using 240 Australia) 50-60Hz 6a/4a
DC out +3.3v | +5 | +12 V1 | +12V2 | -12V | +5VsB

Max a
32a | 48a | 20A | 18 A | 08 | 3.5 A Total Max 650.

Do I have enough power please in my power supply, and is there anything I should be aware of here?


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  1. You have plenty of power for your listed configuration.
  2. No problem with your 650.
  3. yeah, you could probably put another 4850 in there with that much power.
  4. just a quick bit of advice, have a look on the power supply's label and see if it lists the total available watts on the 12V rails thats the number you want to look at

    from what ive read that PSU is a cheap generic rebranded shaw psu and probly wont be able to deliver anywhere close to 650 watts on the 12v rails

    just going by the label itself and using a calculater the 3.3 and 5v rails add up to 345 watts leaving 305 for the 12v rail and thats only if it can deliver the full 650 watts.

    granted all this info is based on my own research but im pretty sure its accurate if i am wrong im sure somebody will correct me

    but just be careful about adding to much to your system generic psus can sometimes burn out easily and can take your comp with them

    skimp out on a vid card skimp out on a processor hell even skimp out on a keyboard and mouse but never skimp out on a power supply

    oh and to answer the question even though its a bit old, a good quality 350-500 watt will handle that set up
  5. no probs, a quality 550 could take that
  6. lol a quality 400w could take it ;)
  7. This is the link that i use for that:
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