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Ok I got all my components for Christmas but when I first started my build I found my processor and motherboard are incompatible. I received an AMD board with an Intel i7 860 processor. My question is with my parts, Radon HD 5850 graphics caes,4 gigs of ripjaw ram, the i7 860 Intel processor, and 1 TB of hard drive: what motherboard would be best....price isn’t really an issue.

The other question, with the motherboard, do I need a sound card, pci expansion, or a modem. New at this so not exactly sure what more is needed.

I was thinking
Gigabyte GA-EP55-UD6 Socket 1156 Motherboard or ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

the other question with all the expansion slots on the gigabyte moboard would it be better to buy more then 2 sticks of ram or will it not be seen.

Anything to help me get a better PC without OC or crossfire would be awesome. I don't know the full extent of these two motherboards.
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  1. You need a P55 (1156 socket) motherboard for your processor. There are several good ones to choose from. Try to avoid the models with a Foxconn socket. The cheapest of these that do not have the Foxconn socket is this model
    It has everything you need and then some, so no need to spend a lot on a P55 MB.

    You do not need a sound card. You MIGHT need a depends on what you are calling a modem. If you have need for a 56k dialup modem, then you will need to buy one, but the boards all have Lan connections now for high speed internet.

    The Asus board you referred to will not work, it is a different socket.

    How much ram will be seen depends on your OS. In order to take advantage of more than 4gb of ram you need to be running a 64bit OS (x64). Be sure the ram you have is DDR3...DDR2 will not work on those MBs.
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