Quick Power Question for SLI and sli suggetions

Hey so i have an areo cool 750 watt with 4 12 volt rails at 18 A each.

since the requirements for most graphics cards in sli is around 30 amps, my psu can cover it as long as i use two different 12v rails correct?

also any suggestions for a good mid to upper mid range priced graphics card to put in sli?

my setup

CPU Q9450
Mobo 780i
Ram 4 gig Dominator @ 1066
PSU Areocool 750 Watt
Graphics 8800 gts ultra
HD's 500 gb 7200 (ubuntu boot drive), 750 gb 7200 (vista boot drive), 1tb 7200.
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  1. yup! your psu will handle most high end cards. I would sell your 8800 and get a gtx260/275 and sli those.
  2. Thanks!
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