XFX Alpha Dog 8800gt POST issues


I am in the midst of an argument with my supplier over a replacement 8800.

First up, i had an XFX 8800gt Alpha Dog (PV-T88P-YHF4) running in my system for 10 months perfectly before it started artifacting. I sent it back to them as it was still under warranty and they confirmed it was faulty and sent me a replacement.

They told me my card had been discontinued and sent me an almost identical card, an XFX 8800gt Alpha Dog (PV-T88P-YDF4), (note the different model number).

However, on receiving the card i fired it up only to find that the system wouldnt POST. I tested the card in 2 other machines and it didnt post in either of those either. Its worth mentioning that whilst i was waiting for this replacement i was using an 8800gtx which worked perfectly. Plus i tested an ATI x1850 in my machine to make sure and that worked too. I have enough power to run the 8800gt (Coolermaster 700W)

So, i returned the replacement to them saying that it didnt work and a couple of days later i got an email saying that they had tested the card and that it worked fine, and that i now owe them £15 for testing and postage (having already spent £12 sending the 2 cards to them).

What could be causing it to not POST in my machine??

The only possible thing i can think of is that there is some sort of compatibility issue.
My mobo is an ASUS A8N-SLI SE with an n-force chipset. I have heard of some issues with VIA chipsets. Could this be related? I would have thought an nvidia card on a board with the nvidia chipset would be fine, and the fact that my old card worked for 10 months is really confusing me.

If it was something to do with this then how come my old card (PV-T88P-YHF4) worked perfectly?
A bit of digging on the internet revealed that the BIOS on the 2 cards might be different - is this the only difference between the cards? And could this be the problem?

Any help would be welcome, surely someone knows in-depth why this might be happening.


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  1. If it is simply that the older BIOS means the card isnt compatible then where do i stand with my supplier?

    From a consumer perspective, my graphics card has gone wrong under warranty and the replacement doesnt work. I dont think i should even be expected to know about BIOSes and the like.

    Under the warranty they should send me an equivalent product or better. Imo the older BIOS means its an older product, and one that happens to not work in my system...
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