Way too high temps on my CPU

Hey everyone!

I'm kind of lost a bit, so I really hope you can help me.
Because I can't play a lot of games due to my cpu (pentium dual core e5200) I decided to overclock it.
I've read that a lot of people were able to overclock it from 2.5 GHz to 3.5 GHz on stock. I thought that my problem would be fixed that way, however when I overclocked it 20% and did a test my cpu almost instantly reached a maximum temp of 100 degrees celcius O.o.. I'm using an Asus p5kpl-cm motherboard, and the bios is kind of.. limited in there. I just used a 20% preset that was in there, after building up from 5-10-15 etc.

Did I maybe forget something, does anyone understand why my temps reach such big numbers while other people can overclock it even more on stock gear?

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  1. One of the most commonly overlooked variables in system temperature is the room temperature. Also, if you have the power saving features (C1E, speedstep, etc.), your fans could be automatically be changing speeds, thus allowing your CPU temp to reach 100°C. If you're serious about your OC, consider getting an aftermarket cooler, but in the mean time, check these:

    1. Remove all dust build-up from your fans
    2. Reapply thermal paste - I recommend Artic Silver 5
    3. Make sure that there aren't any wires/devices hindering air flow
    4. Turn off power saving features
    5. Manually overclock to see how your CPU temp scales
  2. Thanks for your quick reply.

    I think, however, I'm about to give up on this computer.
    I have just disabled the overclock to see what temperature my cpu would reach in a prime95 test, and within 10 seconds the temperature reached 100 degrees C again. I recently got my computer all dust free, and I replaced it to improve the airflow. Unless thermal paste is going to decrease the temperature by 40 degrees I'm about to quit with this.. Thanks for your post anyway.
  3. You didn't mention anything about what CPU cooler you're using. And yes, if you don't have good contact, your temps can easily and quickly go that high.
  4. make sure to have a clean case, hide the wires, keep good air flow, make sure there is intake and an exhaust fan and dust it out when ever you see it build up
  5. If your reaching 100c on stock cooling and settings it's most likely an improperly attached heatsink. Do you have a side cover to your PC that you can take off? If you do take it off and run prime again and touch the fins on the fan and see if its hot when your seeing 100c. Obviously if it's not hot to the touch or at least very warm you'll know you need to reinstall the fan.
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