E7500 @ 6.455ghz!?

I just overclocked my e7500 on a p5n-d board with these specs

cores are clocked at 349mhz x 10 = 3.49ghz
vcore set in bios 1.325v (actual = 1.28v)
vid is 1.2875v
Memory: 2 x 1GB Corsair XMS ddr2 pc6400c4
timings are set to 4-4-4-12 and dram voltage is 2.09
ht nb and sb voltages are set to auto.

Ive been running p95 in-place large ffts for about 12 hours and it hasnt had any errors and the temps are

core0 : 62c max
core1 : 60c max

when its under full load the vcore drops to 1.268v

I just ran PC wizard 2010s full PC benchmark and during the directx 3d realtime benchmark my CPU frequency according to coretemp clocked in at 6.455ghz(348.96x18.5), then during the next test, directx 3d vertex processing it clocked in at 5.757ghz(348.96x16.5). the rest of the test ran at my set clock speed of 3.49ghz

I did the test twice to see if it was a fluke but it happened both times at the same time. Im thinking its coretemps mistake though because i also have cpuid running and its showing a constant 3.5ghz frequency at all times of the test.

Any thoughts on what it could be? also are these overclock settings good?
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  1. I think Core Temp is to blame here. Sometimes my Core Temp reports like 1.5GHz and on another day I get sometimes 5750.705Ghz. If CPU-Z says 3.5GHz then your cpu is running at 3.5GHz.

  2. Yep. Mistake in CoreTemp or PC Wizard, more than likely, PC Wizard.

    The 3.5 GHz overclock of an E7500 is sort of average. I have one in an old G'byte P35 motherboard running at 4.1 GHz with, as near as I can tell, complete stability (24 hour Prime95 stress test). The E5200's, new E6400's, and the E7200's are basically crippled Wolfdales. Like the E8200's, they tend to overclock like banshees.
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