Samsung SyncMaster 906BW does not display

Have had the Samsung SyncMaster 906BW for about 2 years with no problem. Suddenly will not provide display. The power on light blinks but that is all that happens. Computer works fine with another monitor.
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    Check the data cable. Sounds like a bad monitor. Probably still in warranty.
  2. Churchlady - did you figure out the problem with your monitor? Mine is doing the same thing. Checked all cables, even plugged it in to a different PC. Not under warranty though.
  3. Mine does the same thing two, but mine is four years old, so it is no longer under warranty.
  4. had the same problem and all i did to resolve it was by holding down the power button and the auto button. after a few seconds BOOM! the screen came to life. (if power + auto doesn't work try power + source)\

    -osborn street
  5. Basically it sounds like the backlight. They are usually the first things to go out. The LCD can last basically for decades.
  6. To verify if it is only a back light or some thing else, turn on the monitor with the pc running so that you would expect to see a picture. With the lights in the room off (room darkened) place a lit flashlight up to the monitor an see if you can any image on the screen, if you can see colors and images then it is the back lights or more likely their controller board. If it is pitch black with no color or movement then it isn't the lights. If the power light comes on and blinks and either continues or goes out, you are probably a victim of faulty electrolytic capacitors. Many monitors and tv's have fallen to this over the last 5 or so years. They are substandard parts that have infiltrated the supply line in the last 10 years. If you know how to solder on a pc board they can be replaced for pennies, if not and it's out of warranty then take it to the ecycle yard and buy a new one.
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