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I just got a Netgear ME103 wireless access point hooked up to a computer down the hall. The computer used to receive a wireless internet connection but lately it gets nothing. I hooked it up and it has green lights for everything indicating it has a wireless connection. The computer is getting no IP address however and I can not configure the access point. I have designating an IP and also using the mac address like Netgear said, but still nothing works. Any ideas what this could be? Also does this mean that the access point is not broadcasting a connection?
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  1. Why can't you configure the AP? Do you not have a wired PC you could use to do this? I would try that and check your settings, upgrading the firmware or defaulting the AP if you need to. You can also install something like NetStumber on the client PC and see what that tells you about the AP, whether it's broadcasting its SSID etc..

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