System Thread Exception Not Handled

Well, I had Vista before I kept getting random restarts(event 41) with my new ssd, did an RMA got a new one and upgraded to Windows 8. Now randomly I get these BSODs, System Thread Exception not handled, I checked event viewer the most recent ones happened on shut down when it was installing updates. BSOD VIEWER says SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED 0x1000007e something to do with rtenic64.sys. That is the latest one with the update shutdown bsod. All of them have the same error and code just sometimes the main files are different. The more older ones involve asmthub3.sys and hal.dll and others.

I dont know what to do! They usually happen when a game has crashed and i have to use task managaer to shut the game down, it comes a while after that. I beleive my temps are fine and memtest64 ran for 19hrs no problem when i had vista.

AMD FX 8120
Arctic Cooler freezer pro rev 11
Kingston SSDNOW V200 plus
4gb ram

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    Looks like rtenic64.sys is a Realtek file, specifically the NIC possibly, try reinstalling any drivers that are Realtek.
  2. I installed WINDOWS 7 drivers back when I first installed win 8 cause they did not have win 8 drivers for realtek lan and audio. I updated both of them, we shall wait and see if it occurs again
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  4. Thanks, I updated the drivers and its all good!
  5. Glad to hear it!
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