Cheap mid-tower ATX case?

I'm building an ATX system and was wondering what some good sub-$100 cases are? Preferably, the cheaper the better, but I also don't want something that's very hard to install components into, etc.
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  1. Its hard to go ast the antec 300 if gaming is the focus of your computer .

    Id add another 120 mm fan to the front but even then it will only be about $70
  2. the computer is mainly going to be used for a lab/research setting, so the case does not need to be overly flashy.
  3. This case is the one I have and it is pretty roomy:

    Coolermaster 690
  4. heard anything good about the coolermaster 590?

    in the 690, am I right in understanding you can turn off the blue LED lights?
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