What to put on Boot/App drive and Enabling Trim?

It is pretty obvious that a boot and application drive should contain your operating system and your application, but what else is best optimized by being on an SSD? Should your drivers be on an SSD?
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  1. Drivers are part of the OS, so they would go there. The OS had better be Win7; that's the earliest version that implements the necessary TRIM command.
    Some people swear by putting the paging file there; some swear that putting the paging file there will kill the drive.

    The SSD optimizes whatever you need to read often and fast. For most of us, that's application loading and bootup. If you have a big enough SSD and do a lot of video editing, you could put your video files there. If you run a web server with lots and lots of traffic, and can afford a big enough SSD for your entire database, you'll serve pages faster. If you are serving 1 TB of data for a pattern or constant small reads, buy a 1 TB SDD.

    Seriously, it depends on what _you_ need to be read often and quickly.
  2. Thanks for the reply about the drivers. I'm staying small with my SSD, so it is just for Apps and the OS.

    I keep hearing about enabling TRIM with something called AHCI. Is that still needed in Win7 or is it done automatically?
  3. My bad. The BIOS should be set to have the drive controller in AHCI mode _before_ the OS is installed.

    Take a look at this excellent guide to the care and feeding of SSDs, by one of our members: http://www.computing.net/howtos/show/solid-state-drive-ssd-tweaks-for-windows-7/552.html
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