Layout of socket AM2/AM3 and LGA775

I would like to adapt an old heat block socket 939 to recent sockets (AM2, AM3 or LGA775).
Therefore, I would like to know the mechanical layout of sockets, screws locations, heights, obstacles, etc.
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  1. Try Wiki or google it.
  2. Already done without success. It's easy to find some data about the socket itself but not about its surrounding layout (screws position, max height of surrounding capacitors, shape of predefined heatsink, etc). If you already found such information, please to provide the link..
  3. Great!!
    A very comprehensive documentation about LGA775, thanks for this useful link and your contribution.
    I'm searching exactly the same level of information for AM2/AM3 socket, but it seems that AMD is not so contributive as intel for such paper. The last paper I found told about Opteron processors (sept 2003), or socket F, unfortunately useless in my context.
  4. Sorry, my excitement about AMD sockets died with 939...
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