Do I need a new mother board, and if so, which one?

Do I need a new mother board, and if so, which one?

I have:
ECS P4M890T-M2, Pentium D 2.8Ghz, 2G DDR2 Ram (2 1 gig Dims 533/400), GeForce 6200LE 128M DDR

My wife and I were watching a DVD when video kicked out BUT audio kept going. After as much testing as I can do I know that the monitor and the cable are both fine but I cannot restore video. Yes, I cleared the CMOS. Yes I tried to physically install a new card. Yes, I tried to run the computer with the motherboards onboard video. No, I have not tested the old video card (GeForce 6200LE 128M DDR ) in another machine.

1.) Am I I the market for a new motherboard?

2.) If so, I am trying to get a decent one AND a good budget video card (for gaming) and keep the total cost as close to under $100 as possible. Any Suggestions?

3.) I could be persuaded to get a new CPU as well as long as the total cost is close to under $150. But minimum CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz/AMD Athlon X2 5200+. Again, any suggestions?

PS: When I say gaming, I mean that my wife got me Star Wars: the Force Unleashed for Christmas and she wants me to play it and wants to play it herself.
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  1. Just to clarify.

    For question 2 the goal is to keep the CPU and the memory and just change the motherboard and video card.

    for question 3 I would like to keep the memory.
  2. For a cheap new set up maybe something like this?
    You could use your same memory. It has a decent onboard video.
    You could try your current video card or something like this.
  3. Just to Clarify,

    For question 2 i want to keep the same processor and memory, for question 3 iwant to keep the same memory.
  4. Hey Guys..

    your computer is not working good ..your computer motherboard is out of order and you want to repair or take new one motherboard So there is best place for you where you can recycle your computer and other electronic device ..check out this link it may be helpful for you.
  5. This will be hard........

    Primarily due to the fact that the latest budget motherboards do not support any RAM speeds lower than 667Mhz anymore......

    AsRock G41

    It will run your processor but not your RAM. You might really need to change that RAM.
  6. far I am kinda leaning towards the AMD solution provided earlier. it will actually support my RAM which is one of my goals.
  7. Also, I take it that at this point a new MB is my ONLY OPTION? Seeing as how i cant see what i am doing when i boot?
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