Internet Connection Sharing is not there under the "advanced" tab

Internet Connection Sharing is not there under the "advanced" tab in my Wireless Network Connection Settings. Any idea why?

Attached photo shows the situation.

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  1. Woa! That's a rather tiny picture.

    Try this:


    Look for Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) (double-click it) and make sure the Startup Type is "Automatic" and that it is running. It can be started right there too if it is not running now.
  2. Sorry about that picture - I guess i copied the icon link, not the actual picture link :\

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I took a look at that setting and it was already running, any other thoughts on what it might be?

  3. Now there is no picture at all and the link in it's place is dead. Oh well.

    The ICS option only appears when all of these are true:

    1. There are two enabled, connected network connections: one for the
    Internet, and one for the LAN.

    2. The Internet Connection Firewall is disabled on the LAN connection.

    3. The Internet connection isn't bridged.
  4. Thanks, I found a wireless usb adapter, plugged it in, and now the sharing settings are there. I'm trying to set up my laptop as a wireless hotspot. I followed tutorials I found online, and while my computer recognizes the new network as a computer-to-computer network, my phone cannot detect it - which is the point to all of this, im trying to use my phone as an ip camera over a wireless network I create.

    All of the tutorials said it should appear as an access point as well, but it doesn't, only the computer-to-computer network.

    Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the help, I figured everything out, but it's not good:

    First, Computer-To-Computer is what it should say.

    Second, Android doesn't support IBSS (ad hoc) networks.


    Does any one happen to know if there is an IBSS to AP emulator? Something that would broadcast an Ad Hoc network as a BSS network, so Android would detect it?

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