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Hi guys, i have a strange thing going on with my q6600 G0 that i bought from my friend for 40€, i have overclocked it to 3.3Ghz now and core temeperature difference between core 0 and core 3 is almost 10 Degrees celsius :??: so i wonder wich temperature is correct. the highest core temperature is usually 70 @ 100% load and the lowest is 62 @ 100% load. its a really strange thing and i hope you guys will have good info for me :)

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  1. A load difference of 8 C. is nothing to worry about. Remember, you actually have two chip dies in there.

    If your motherboard has a thermal alarm, I recommend setting it to 70 C. That's what I set mine to.

    And if you are using the stock heatsink, you have reached its limits.
  2. ive got a zalman 9500. and im using 1.35 volts..
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