GIGABYTE GA-MA790GPT-UD3H Memory Questions.
I am hunting for memory for this board, and I am looking at both DDR3 1333 and the DDR3 1600.

I've read in the reviews for the motherboard that at least one person is having issues getting the 1600 to run at the advertised speed, but the price difference is only four dollars. Should I spring for the 1600, run it at 1333 and look toward future upgrades? (and a possible BIOS update) Should I just go the safe route and grab the 1333?

and some extremely noobish questions:

Is changing the settings between 1600 and 1333 simple and easy?

Does updating a motherboard's BIOS screw with anything with the operating system? Will it require an operating system reinstall?

Does x86 windows 7 take full advantage of the speed of DDR3? I realize it won't use anything beyond 3.5, but does 64-bit offer speed differences in RAM, as well?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Also, are the software support differences for windows 7 programs at 64-bit still an issue?
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