2X GTX 275 or 2X Radeon 4890?

I'm building a high-end system, and have the graphics card narrowed down to either 2X GTX 275 or 2X Radeon 4890. They seem to be similar price and similar performance, so which one should i go with? Also, is an overclocked card worth it? My mobo is a Asus P6T Deluxe, with an i7-950 cpu.
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  1. "Two Radeon HD 4890 cards should, on average, perform on par or better than a single GeForce GTX 295, and the Radeons cost less. If you have a CrossFire motherboard and want some serious high-resolution performance, this is the way to go."

    "t's funny that we're recommending two GeForce GTX 275 cards in SLI over a single GeForce GTX 295, when you consider that each GeForce GTX 275 is essentially half of a GeForce GTX 295. Saving the $210 compared to the GeForce GTX 295 doesn't result in a performance penalty. If anything a pair of GeForce GTX 275s will display a slight performance edge due to their faster clock speeds."


    ASUS P6T supports either board. Seems like the performance is about the same so price might be the deciding factor. Shop around, look for deals.
  2. You need to see which performs better in your games. Of course, chances are both solutions will rock anyway. HD 4890's are cheaper. In the USA you can find them for $165 AR. (zipzoomfly right now)
  3. If you want to save some cash go with the 4890's (making sure it is this model) :


    and if cash ain't an issue then get this :


    IMO they are neck to neck....
  4. Regardless of which one i get, what kind of power draw will be looking at if i get 2 of either one? Right now i'm looking at about an 850 watt corsair power supply.
  5. 850w is fine, make sure its something with some power and a not an "el cheapo" PSU...

    Corsair 850TX or a Thermaltake TP 850 Modular
  6. To me the DDR5 is not what makes the real horsepower, its the overclocking and shaders/SPU's.. in real-world benches someone can come up with dual 4890's overclocked and give the 275's a spankin, while someone else can come with dual 275's overclocked and spank the 4890's..... It all depends, hardware, CPU overclock and a variety of other tweaks....
  7. DDR5 does not mean it has better overclocking ability IMO...Lets compare these :

    295 : 1792MB GDDR3 <---- not even 2 gigs of DDR3

    4870x2 : 2GB DDR5 <------2 gigs of DDR5

    Winner = 295 by a small margin

    So in all the DDR5 theory is out of the question....
  8. Well do it like this

    If you are going for a high OC
    4890's they do oc better then the 275 as they are really just 4870's on a new board made for higher oc's

    At stock flip a coin, find a fav game, fav brand?
  9. red or green?
  10. Quote:
    buddy did i say GDDR5 overclocks better? i said 4890 overclocks better "better overclock capabilities" , read the damn reviews if u aint know what u talkin bout

    295 wins..we know that AFTER 4870x2 was released months..

    I read the rewiews son, i know what i am taking about I never said that the 275's were better I said it all depends, its neck to neck in some instances and in other its by a larger margin, read above...

    So your comment regarding "what can a 275 accomplish that a 4890 cant" does not make sense...

    Im just giving you my opinion, if you are an ATI fanboy then good for you as i love both and could care less is the 275's are faster/slower.

    and BTW the "295 wins..we know that AFTER 4870x2 was released months.." has nothing to do with it, both are dual GPU cards battling for the top spot...
  11. Now i will tell you this, if i were to choose at the moment, yes i would go with the dual 4890's just cause it would be easier to achieve a higher clock speed (less messing around with voltages and overclock) as opposed to the 275's. But this is just the same cycle that we see on a monthly basis, the real test will be the 5000 series vs. the 300 series......
  12. Hehe, no worries... same thing happens to me every now n then......so you are not alone.... There is nothing wrong with having an opinion.....I just want you to know this, normally when i post something like this its due to the fact that if i do not see a night n day difference comparing 2 similar cards from different manufacturers, IMO its a matter of taste, and not if the other card clocks better... In all the winner here would be the 4890 due to the fact that for the price you simply cannot get a better card....ATM...

    As far as release dates for the new cards, I am not sure when they will finally give us a definitive answer, I am thinking the beggining of next year, but who knows... They can come early like they can be pushed back, we will have to wait n see......
  13. at high resloutions, 4890s
    otherwise doesnt really matter

    consider wating for dx11 if u can (i cant so im upgrading now lol)

    corsair 850tx is a great psu

    either way ul get great performance, better than a 295

  14. If you go 4890...the catalyst 9.7 drivers are buggy...stick with 9.6, just rolled mine back to 9.6
  15. Buggy as in some games (coh, h.a.w.x) rendering errors, hawx crashes/locks the computer, ATI OC utility endless looping. Uninstalled 9.7 cat and reinstalled 9.6 and issues are fixed.

  16. Think i'll go with 1 gtx 275, with another one as my first upgrade. (As money comes in). I don't plann to do any ultra-modern gaming for about a month or two after i build it(Just playing bioshock), so i think i can upgrade later no problem. Thanks for all the help! :D
  17. i was just like u a few days ago, i Went with crossfire 4850's...
    each XFX 4850 is $90 right now...


    Newegg even gave me $20 courtesy store credit for the purchase of 2 of them
    so i got xfire 4850's for $160 :D life time warranty...
    pretty good imo...

    $160 card setup beats a $320 video card
    so check on that if u still havent made ur mind
  18. Nica Guy said:
    i was just like u a few days ago, i Went with crossfire 4850's...
    each XFX 4850 is $90 right now...


    Newegg even gave me $20 courtesy store credit for the purchase of 2 of them
    so i got xfire 4850's for $160 :D life time warranty...
    pretty good imo...

    $160 card setup beats a $320 video card
    so check on that if u still havent made ur mind

    You got a heck of a deal there son....... [:jaydeejohn:5]
  19. :D yeah i was lucky
  20. I don't know if I'm too late, but I ran across this: http://hothardware.com/Articles/The-GeForce-GTX-275-and-HD-4890-go-HeadtoHead/?page=11
    So, if you're crossfiring, I would say go for the 275s. You can find the one featured in that article here:

    Plus, those cards would be cheaper than many good 4890 setups. I'm not saying the 4890s are bad, I'm just looking at that chart... and WOW...
  21. would a 750w corsair have enough for dual 4890's, or would a 850w corsair be needed...with his rig, and maybe a slight OC on his processor?
  22. Here are some links you may find interesting

    Crossfire 4890 on avg beat a GTX 295 in all games at 1920x1080 resil


    And this article shows how a radeon 4890 at its max potential at 1.0Ghz (overclocked from 850Mhz which you can do easily) came only 1-5% behind in fps to Nvidia's GTX 285 overclocked to its max potential.

  23. may i add a GTX 295 is basically two GTX 275s
  24. ....with lower core, shader, and memory clocks.

    See here for performance difference:
  25. will he need the corsair 850tx, or would a 750tx do?
  26. The 750TX should do but taking in consideration that the 850TX is only 10.00$ dollars more, its a no-brainer...
  27. Agree with OvrClkr, the 750's 60A 12V should do the trick and allow room for some OC. Given the similar price though (+ $20 ?), I'd aim for the 850TX if the plan is stacking up drives and/or a massive OC on the GPU's and i7.
  28. that helps heaps..thanks OvrClkr and pauldh
  29. My pleasure.....

    Let me know if you encounter any issues.......
  30. I am surprised no one has commented on his processor choice. You can get better performance out of a core i7 920 and over clock the crap out of it than with a 950 and save 200.00+
  31. true i was going with the i7 940 but after realizing i can just get the 920 and oc it to 3.5 or so ill save a ton of money and still get kickass performance, no need to get any other i7 when you can oc the cheapest to perform like the best? : /
  32. As far as the i7's the only one worth spending money on is the 920, just like chef7734 suggested.... All the other i7's are basically a waste of money and IMO were targeted to either the rich noobs that have no idea how to overclock (nor they have the will) and the Enthusiast group that could really care less how much they spend on a CPU....
  33. yeah.....but it sounded like he already has the i7 950..... but if ur buying a new CPU, get the i7 920...much better performance for the money, and after overclocking past 4ghz+, it hardly matters in performance (i think)...so there is absolutely no need to buy an i7 950...
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