3D without glasses!

It's proven people can see 3D without glasses, even with a good viewing angle range and on cheap monitors.
As shown HERE

Maybe this is old news, but it seems the effect can be better on very high refresh-rates. If this can be done with a simple gif, can specialized hardware make this even better? Or is the flicker necessary?
Any thoughts?

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  1. The image isn't really 3d the your brain is interpreting the change as motion and is then creating the 3 dimentionality from that. If you speed it up to reduce the flicker it's not longer seen as motion so no 3d either. I think the image is tuned to about the optimal speed for the 3d effect. As for gaming, in theory you could get the computer to do this. It's the same as 3D glasses, only without the glasses control and a LOT slower. Very likely to give you a headache though!

  2. not 3d, kinda cool when ur tired, but not 3d
  3. Didn't look 3D to me.
  4. visual illusion... pretty kool... should have a seizure warning lol
  5. Without me glasses on I couldn't see a damn thing!
  6. looks awesome, wish all monitors were like that, without the whole shaking like your having a seizure part
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