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Hi !!

I just installed a Vertex 2 180 gb in my pc. I did some reading first and i think i did enable AHCI in the bios, the thing is that i could enable it at 2 places , heres a pic , can you tell me if i did it correcly ? I did not install it for RAID/AHCI but instead i enabled it on Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode ,dont know if i did the right thing ...

Another thing , when i boot , i get this page , did i do something wrong ??

Thanks !
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  1. Yes. Sata operation is set to ACHI.
    SATA RAID would be to enable the raid controller.
  2. ^+1...

    It looks correct to me, as well.
  3. Actualy it was not , it was the secondary adapter .
  4. So TRIM was not enabled?? Even though on the secondary controller, it was set to AHCI, so TRIM should have been enabled.

    You are correct that the boot screen is that way due to being on the secondary controller.
  5. No , it was not enabled. I had to put SATA/RAID to AHCI for it to work properly . All of this because you have to install the drive on the ICH9 sata port of the motherboard then enable the AHCI on that controller. Now my speeds are just fine ... but windows is long to boot ...

    Take a look

    Before enabling SATA/RAID master controller

    After enabling STA/RAID master controller

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    Down load, install and run Run AS SSD. Do not need to run the benchmark.
    In the upper left check which driver is being used, should also show a GREEN OK for partition alignment.

    On driver, for Best performance should be iaStor, 2nd best would be msahci - if pcide Ouch.

    I did a clone from Intel 80 gig SSD to Phoenic Pro 120 gig SSD (Same controller as vertex-2, SF1200). Ended up reinstalling win 7, selecting Custom install and on page with "where to install" I checked the box, "Have driver", removed partitions and recreated partitions. When asked for additional drivers I selected the "F6" intel ahci driver which I had down loaded and put on a thumbdrive. When installation was completed installed the Intel matrix drivers (Note: Must be version 9.6 or later.

    Added: in bios you can select raid, or AHCI. Use Raid only if you plan on using Raid0, Raid 1, 5, 10 otherwise set to AHCI. If you select raid and as long as the SSD is not a member of a raid configuration you are OK. Intel RST driver, ver 9.6 or later support trim when Bios set to Raid, again as long as the SSD is not a member drive of raid setup.
  7. Did it and this is the result :

    103424 K - OK (green)
    167.68 GB
  8. That looks good, iaStor and OK.
    My system takes about 20 -> 25 sec to load windows, that is from the time post has comepleted to opening a program. My post takes a little longer to complete as the SSD fails the AHCI test, I think there is a fix for later gigabyte board, just have not got to the P55-UD4P (NON A version).
  9. Same thing with the F4 bios and if i try to update it , i cant overclock for some reason ...
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