Cooling for the Nvidia 9800 GT?

top of the morning to ya!

a couple of weeks ago, i bought a Nvidia 9800 GT with a PNY cooling System.
as i heard it's reputation was high, i bought it for £80 brand new (which i thought was a bargin)
when i took it out of the box i immediately noticed it's Single slot fan. now my old ATI HD3850 has a double slot fan, and i heard that this new nvidia card was comparing a Porsche to a ford Festa.

i have a Jeantech Aqua Case with 3 fans. (front big fan, exhaust fan, processor fans) but the graphics card always reaches near 180 degrees C. (really hot). now i don't really think case fans will make a difference. i've looked at water cooling but the cheapest thing i found was £200 and i don't really has that money.

i wanted to know if there were any 3Rd party Fans for the 9800GT.
i **** in toatal 10 Spring loaded Fan screws.

also there is a 2 pin connection on the side of the GPU. What is it for?
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  1. WOW 180C thats really hot. I know Sparkle has really nice Calibre fans but I dunno if they are sold seperately.

    EDIT: Found one
  2. Have you tried to manually set the GPU fan speed to 80 or 90 percent prior to gaming? That will help to keep your temps down. Use EVGA precision or Nvidia Riva Tuner, Ntune. If your GPU keeps going to 180 F, be sure you know what your warranty specs are.
  3. nothing in your computer is 180 degrees celcius, you have a broken sensor or brain.

    this card has a plastic cover over the heatsink right? if so, you can just strap a 2nd fan onto it. it makes a huge difference in cooling. its pretty makeshift, but the results are definately there. just makes sure your new fan directs air in the same direction as the original fan on the card.

    seriously, spending 50 bucks on aftermarket cooling on a 100 dollar card... i dunno.

    you could have spent 150 on a better card. just saying.
  4. when i say 180*C, i maybe overexerting. i don't have a thermometer in my pc, but i know it gets hot, i turned it off and install a wifi internet card, my arm felt the heat from it, 5 pci slots down. i touch the side of it and burn't my finger. it's Really hot, and i'm worried it mite Blow up or/and blow other components aswell like my MOBO.
    it's really annoying because it's REALLY loud when when it's on Full speed. and if i have to have it 90% just on my desktop, it'll be annoying. also, could it be Pre-Overclocked my PNY?
    what i do know from PNY, is that i'm not buying one of there graphichs cards again. i would be so mad if i paid £120 for the full price.

    i try the software option now to see if it makes any improvements on things.
    anyway, i have found other coolers: - it quote's it make the GPU 29*C lower in temp. - this is the non-extreme Edition to the one above^

    also whats this thing aboout putting another fan on the 9800GT?
  5. lots of cards come preoverclocked. you could indeed downclock, but thats not my first suggestion.

    let me tell you a little story about my 8800gts. one day, my little gts started overheating. it was subtle at first. it would just run really warm, then one day my game crashes because the videocard failed. funny enough, it would just crash back to windows and cool off. it could handle 2d no problem, 3d heats it up. so i...

    u kno what. f*ck the story. i crazy glued a casefan to the exterior of my 8800 and now the card runs cooler than it ever did, overclocks better too. its a bit of a monstrosity to look at, but you cant argue with the results, or price.
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