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Maximum height of CPU Cooler in Raidmax Smilodon?

What is the maximum height for a CPU cooler in the Raidmax Smilodon case?

And any recommendations for an AM3 compatible CPU cooler that will fit under 40-50?

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    The Smilodon will handle a 120mm cooler. The Xigmatek HDT S1283 will fit on an AM3 motherboard at $37. Or this Coolermaster HDT RR B10 at $30
  2. Hi. I recently purchased the similodon for ease of access. Although the 120mm fan will nicely fit in the case available space, it does not allow for clearance required on the mobo tray door.

    I'm guessing my thermal-take 120 is about 1-1.5" too "tall" to clear the power supply enclosure.

    Any similodon owners with an AM3 phenom II chip have a recommendation that will clear the power supply enclosure?
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