SSD to storage, HDD to boot? Better to switch?

Realized I'm not really utilizing my SSD.


SSD is only used for my Windows Installation and for my Chrome browser... If I use it for my steam games and I use my HD to boot would that be a more efficient use of my SSD? I'm curious to see if anyone has ever thought of this instead of always thinking of the SSD as a boot drive.

I think there'd be less writes to the drive as well, would there not?
Only thing I would think of is set the PageFile to still be on the SSD even if it's not the boot drive...

phenom ii 955 be
his 5850
ocz vertex 30gb
samsung f4 hd322gj
2x2gb gskill @ 1600
ocz stealthxstream ii 600w

Or should I keep it the same? If so, why?
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  1. The ssd's are not large capacity drives. Typically users will install Windows, a web browser, and a couple of software programs they use the most. Gamers install one or two games the play the most. Usually there isn't much space left on an ssd. The rest of the software programs and other games are stored on a hard disk drive.

    I can't recall anyone posting they use a hard disk instead of an ssd as a boot disk.

    I see you have a 30Gb ssd. Very little capacity.
  2. The os does lots of small random reads and writes, a task that the SSD is very good at.

    I think I would keep windows on it. Set the pagefile to a small initial size and let windows expand it if it needs to. You have sufficient ram to obviate the need for a large page file. Also, turn off hibernation to save space.

    Don't worry about longevity with writes. The drive will be long obsolete before you can use it up.
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