Can you format a HDD without a computer?

I am building a pc and want to use a 20gb hdd I took out of my old PC for it. The thing is that the 20gb hdd has windows 98 booted on it. I want it to be empty with nothing on it and not even windows but how can I restore it? I have already taken all the parts from my old PC so there are no hopes of getting it back in. I want it to be empty so that I can boot windows 7 on the 20gb hdd or on another 500gb hdd I will use with it.

How can I empty it with no PC?
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    There isn't any practicable way to wipe it without connecting it to a PC. That's OK, though - just connect it to your new PC and when you boot from the Windows DVD to install Windows you can use the installation program to delete / recreate the partitions on it and format it.
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