Setting up a RAID with Hackintosh

I have (1) Intel 510 120G SSD. Right now its used as my Boot/OS drive, with only the everyday, small applications installed on it. I have a Samsung Spinpoint F3R 1TB 7200 RPM as my extra applications/video storage. I just ordered a Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green and in my disappointment found out that its only 5XXX RPM.

I am running Windows 7 as my primary OS. I need to install MAC OS X because I will be soon developing iOS apps, and just because I would like to have it.

Now I was thinking of partitioning my SSD so that I could have one with Windows 7 and the other with MAC OS X. Then setup a RAID for my two other HDD's. Now would I need to partition these to use one for Windows 7 files and the other for OS X files? or can I just leave it be, and make a Folder called "MAC" and save all the OS X applications there?

As for Backup. What route should I take as I have never been able to successfully back up my HDD in previous years. Should I keep the Samsung or WD for back-up? I was thinking of returning the Samsung and in-turn get (2) WD 1TB Caviar Black's **for my HDD RAID, and keep the WD 1TB Caviar Green for my Backup**. Is this a smarter move since backups don't need a speedy hardware?

I would really like some feedback as I am unsure with this whole step, and if there if a better suggestion for this then please go ahead and voice it! Thank you.
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  1. Have you tried a VMed OSX?
  2. Yes, and i have huge bad luck with it. It has stressed me out :/

    First time I had to re-install VMware because it wouldn't even launch the "Virtual Server". Then I decided to buy the retail DVD (10.6.3) and try booting from the Optical Drive, but then it either said "Operating System not found" or it would try to initiate a NET boot or something and then fail. I spent a whole week going through guides and different webpages trying to figure out what was wrong, but had no luck.

    If you do know how I could solve this please help me..even though in the back of my mind I truly would rather have a non-virtual version of mac.

    Oh...and an update. I bought a second Samsung Spinpoint F3R instead of the WD Caviar Black. I heard it was faster anyway. So now I'm still planning on put the two Samsung's in a RAID 0 configuration and have the WD Caviar Green and my backup. Good idea?
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