DVD will not burn, will not read disc!

I used to be able to burn DVDs using IMG burn or Power 2 Go (which came with this HP Pavilion). Now, I can not get any brand of DVD disc (lightscribe, +R, -R, Verbatim, TDK, Sony, you name it). I have tried different computers which has different DVD drives, STILL THE SAME THING! What is going on? I am spending to MUCH time and MONEY now on disc and effort on a problem that no one seems to know the FIX FOR, including HP and Microsoft. Was there a Windows update that causes this PROBLEM? I am Pissed!
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  1. Latest Device Driver for Windows 7 is already uploaded!
  2. DVDs are bad? lol what are you trying to say, that only your PC cant read DVDs or other PC's cant read those DVDs either?
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