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my hp a1034n not coming on anymore when I plug it in the green light at the back on the powersupply stays on solid but when I press the power button it goes out. no beeps at all even with ram out. I remove the cpu and all the peripherals come on but no powerlight on front.
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  1. I recommend a new power supply first. Your hp case should work with any standard atx power supply. If that doesn't get you going, check ebay for newer hp boards. I have used the "boston" 7525 hp board made by msi with the g31 chipset. If you need 4 memory slots, the 965 or g33 chipset boards will work. Find a picture of the replacement board to see if you need a different backplate, which rarely comes with the board. You can order one from hp using their online tech support "live chat" if needed.
  2. Hi Oldie I appreciate your reply very much.. In the meantime I want to wish u a happy, Healthy and a prosperous New year.... I eventually did try a new power supply but the same thing happens, But Oldie when I remove the cpu from the board and power it up all the fans come on and I can turn on and off the system no video though. Do u think the cpu may be bad? when it is in the motherboard the system does nothing only power supply solid green light stays on. I look forward to your reply. Thanks
  3. Songre,

    Any progress? I seem to be having a very similar issue with an HP a1640n. The volt meter indicates that the power supply is fine.
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