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I just got a second visiontek hd4650 1gb card for my custombuilt rig. I was wonder two things. I have heard i will need 2 crossfire cables. So my first question is do i need 1 or 2 for 2 4650 cards. Second question where is the best place to buy this cable as i didnt get one with either my motherboard or my graphics cards.
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  1. You only need one of those cables.
    I believe you'd use a Crossfire Bridge though, and they are usually included with your GPU. You only need one of them to connect 2 cards.
  2. ok but where can i get one as it didnt come with anything i have for my computer. Whats a good website?
  3. ATI's compatibility chart indicates that no connector is required.
  4. thats if i have a specific motherboard but i dont think i have one. i have a gigabyte board. i dont think its compatable but ill play with it a bit more.
  5. You can get the cables from new egg. You only need one. Usually I get cards with them and just use both of them because they are there ^_^. I use two on my 3850s, though when upgrading someone elses computer I may only use one and it works the same.
  6. I'm looking at photos of the VisionTek 4650 and I don't see any internal connectors on it other than PCI-Express. I would assume that it was designed only to run in software Crossfire mode.
  7. so how do i set that up, can i still use it in crossfire? if so what software do i need, i found a "swtich in a preferences panel that says turn on crossfire, but then i get an error that say it doesnt have a bridge connection or something like that.
  8. Im not sure, but i think you need a motherboard that is hybrid crossfire compatible, if your cards dnt have crossfire connectors for a bridge.

    Personally, i'd sell both cards and buy a HD4870 or 4890. As ive had crossfire HD4870's before and found that performance is only increased in a few games, and i expect that software crossfire wouldn't be as good as hardware crossfire, but thats just my opinion.
  9. where can i get a hdmi cable splitter so the it has two male and 1 female.
  10. mean dvi
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