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I Have Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, and 6GB of DDR2 PC2-6400 800mhz xms2 laying around and I need a board to support this.

I have crossfire ATI 4850s so I know the x48 is better choice since both pci-e slots are 16x rather then dual 8x.

I wanted to buy the ASUS RAMPAGE FORMULA but as you probably know, you can not buy this board anymore.

I found this board instead but will this board support PC2-6400 ram? it says DDR3. Will I be at a disadvantage by putting ddr2 in ddr3 slots if it is even compatible?

Do you guys recommend a different board? or should i just get ddr3 ram? I really would like to save money and not have the ddr2 ram go to waste.

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    You can't put DDR2 RAMs in DDR3 slots because they are not compatible,also its not worth to sell your current DDR2 RAM and get DDR3,you can go for X48 motherboard with DDR2 support like ASUS P5E Deluxe:
  2. That is correct as it always has been for every memory advance the pin set gets changed so there are no mistakes of sticking the wrong sticks in the slots. As maziar stated the p5e deluxe is a nice board (bought one as a replacement board myself) cant go wrong with asus boards, my only issue is provantage ID STAY AWAY FROM THEM (goolge shopping results of any pc product they may have and read the customer reviews) besides you can get that same board cheaper other places ( for one) they have it for 115$ reg but has been onsale for last month at only 95$
  3. What do you guys think about this board:

    Up till now for years I only bought ASUS boards. If I can find an asus board that fit my needs I would much rather go with that. But this one doesn't seem so bad. DDR3 and DDR2 support.

    Also it is not possible to have 6GB of ddr2 Ram correct? Isn't that max supported by ddr2 4gb? If it IS possible to have more then 4GB of DDR2, then the msi board i posted above really doesn't support my needs since it only has 2 slots of DDR2 limiting me to 4GB. I would like to use all 6GB if possible ofc.

    This just came back on newegg:

    but its open box =[
    Thats the board I need though. So I can have all 6GB of DDR2
  4. That MSI looks good too,however boards with both DDR2 and DDR3 RAM support doesn't OC as well as only DDR2 or only DDR3 Motherboards due to memory controller,so you may want to consider the P5E DELUXE which i posted.
    And its possible to have 6GB of DDR2 RAM,max memory depends on the motherboard you are using,for example P5E DELUXE supports max 8GB of memory.
  5. Thanks for everybody's responses but I have 1 Last thing.

    If price wasn't an issue, would you guys go with:

    A. ASUS Rampage Formula -


    B. ASUS P5E Deluxe -

    for my situation.

    I can't find either of these boards online from a decent trusted website. Microcenter doesn't have it by the way, idk where you were looking, but provantage looks like my only option.
  6. If the price difference wasn't much i would go for Rampage one,otherwise P5E
  7. Can't find the rampage anywhere online, and P5E is only on provantage. I ordered it from provantage but I'm hoping that they have them and they are not sold out and just forgot to update the website.
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