Abit IP35 Pro Not recognizing full memory.

Hi i've had my IP35 Pro for awhile, and like an idiot, never updated my BIOS, and was told that the reason my computer was only recognizing 1 of 2GB is because I haven't updated it.

Well, I just recently flashed it to 17, and it still only recognizes 1GB. I'm using a Q6600, and the RAM is G.Skill DDRII PC-6400 (2 x 1GB). Both work when put in individually and in any slot (one slot doesn't have the clamp thing, so I don't try that one).

Any help? And searching on google just leads me to the "Windows 32bit can't see more than 4GB" problem.
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  1. Oh and full reformats have never worked either.
  2. Have you tryed to take out one stick and vice a versa to find out if it is the ram? Also what is the model number of the ram cause abit boards can be a little picky when it come to hardware! Hope this isnt to late!
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