Core2duo e7500 temperature?

What is the temperature for an e7500(45nm) at idle and full load? thanks.
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  1. depends on your case, bios and software used to read the temps

    aslong as your staying under ~70*c stock you will be fine
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    The temp varies from chip to chip...
    Room temp also matters...
    So does cooling and airflow...

    If you wanna know the normal temps at which it is supposed to be then
    Load <70c

    Are normal.
  3. Hi, for the sake of comparison, I have an E7300 OCed to 2.9Ghz (the same frequency yours runs at). Idle temps are currently:
    CPU 31C, Core 0 & 1, 43C
    And after a session of gaming, typically it is around 10C more.
    This is using stock cooling, (silent mode) and read by SpeedFan. I'm guessing your temperatures should be very similar. :)
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