Desperate help needed please

My husband did a system recovery being dumb and not knowing it would wipe everything out. I dont care anymore about the pics and documents I have lost BUT it is now saying that drive C is full. I have googled this to death and nothing is working. I have done a disk clean up a million times but still keep getting the low memory error message. The thing that I am not getting is how is my drive full when it is back to factory setting AND it wasnt full before he did the recovery. Desperate help needed please. I went into add and remove programs as well and deleted as much as it would allow me to but now it is saying that there is not enough something to delete programs. I have been working on this all morning and I am getting no where!!!
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  1. Hello michelleschefe,

    Sorry to hear about this situation. You almost spent the whole day on that.
    Not sure if you would get it back, but you can still try to recover data with this free program Recuva . You would need an external HDD or some USB Flash Drive to save Data.

    After that you can still try to go back to Factory Settings (if you still have that option).

    You can also try continuously hitting F8 as you power on your PC. This might give an option to go back to last known good configuration.

    Give that a try please - relax and good luck!!!
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