Infinite loop of Windows updates - KB979909 (and 5 others)

I have a series of 6 Windows updates, all to the dot NET framework stuff, that apparently never install. I install the updates and it appears to install, but, after finishing, the shield icon comes back about 15 seconds later saying that 6 updates are available. I install them thinking there were more updates, and they install. Again, after 15 seconds of clicking "close", 6 more updates are available. Being suspicious, I checked to see what updates they are and these are the 6 updates:

KB979909 Framework 3.5 security update
KB982168 Framework 3.5 update
KB2418241 Framework 2.0 security update
KB2572073 Framework 2.0 security update
KB2539631 Framework 2.0 security update
KB2518864 Framework 2.0 and 3.5 security update

When I install the updates, the shield comes back again and I see that 6 updates are available. Guess what? They are the exact same 6 listed. Why aren't these updates installing?
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  1. when you shut down your computer does the shut down option have a shield?
  2. Yes. I did it that way and the updates still didn't install, the same ones too. I'm just about to use that method again as well (since I have to).

  3. If this persists, go into the folder C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and empty it. Also empty EventCache while you down that way. Restart and if the Updates are still valid, you'll get a fresh download automatically.

  4. The problem still persists, even after emptying those 2 folders are empty. The "Event Cache" folder had nothing in it so I couldn't empty it. When the shield came, I got a notice indicating that the updates were not installed. After some time, the shield came back (in the area near the clock) and I let the updates download again and install. After installing, the shield came back and the infinite loop has resumed. An advanced install does no good either as this only gives details on what the updates are about. Here are 2 screenshots showing what's going on:

    This screenshot shows the status of the updates. They always say "done!" at the end indicating no problem being present (supposedly). I've seen "failed!" a few rare times, such as canceling it or not going through an installer in full.

    This screenshot shows the start of the next loop. It's later in the day, but the same 6 updates are ready for install and the yellow shield icon just won't go away, despite finishing. I'm not getting any restart requests or anything (as some Windows updates tend to require), nothing but a "close" button and "installation complete".

    My next idea is to manually download and install these updates, but I don't know where they are.
  5. This is still happening. I once got a restart request after 10 installs (some starting automatically). This is slowing down my computer significantly. If all else, how do I disregard these updates and stop them from being downloaded and installed in the first place?

  6. I think your best chance would be to download the .Net Removal Tool from the M$ site, get rid of all .Net related material then download the whole lot of essential ones again to give you a fresh start.

  7. I don't know if it's a clue or not, but I found those updates in add/remove programs so they're apparently installed. However, the 979909 update has a July 27, 2011 install date rather than the expected December 17, 2011 I expected.

    This screenshot shows what I see in add/remove programs, with updates visible. Note the KB979909 update being present as well as the KB2572073 and KB2539631 updates. I can't find the KB982168, KB2418241, or KB2518864 updates anywhere.

    If I remove the .NET stuff so I could supposedly reinstall it, will that make some programs unusable? Since my video card supposedly uses it, will that mess up my display?

  8. I doubt it will upset graphics at a basic level but I still believe it has to be done to clear up the mess. If I was working on this myself, I'd fish around in the Registry but if you choose to do that, make a backup from the File>Export menu first.

  9. Okay, I've run a cleanup tool and I've noticed that the .NET Framework stuff for everything pre-version 3.5 is gone and only 2 things remain with version 3.5. Trouble is, I can't reinstall it as I'm only ever getting error crashes. Also, I'll need a full direct download of versions 3 and 3.5, not a downloader (of my antivirus blocks). Version 2 gets the closest, but it crashes with the "send error report to Microsoft" dialog coming up. I'm now thinking of using System Restore to get the .NET Framework stuff back, though I don't know if losing those has caused some things to not work any more.

    One thing I have noticed though with the Framework missing is that my computer starts up a lot faster and also runs faster too. There's no shield either.
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