Help HD4850 VS GTS250

Hello guys
i need you're opinions before i make the purchasing decision
i am upgrading from HD3870 My PSU is 470w with 2 V12+ Rails 18A tottal 36A

i cant decide between
HD4850 The ICeq4 512MB one


or the
XFX GeForce GTS 250 512MB

they are close in price 114$ and 99$
i usually play at 1280 x 1024
and am not fan of noise and power consumption that's why am not going with 4870 sure its faster than the 2 but i need one to last with me until
the next DX 11 Card and there price goes down in the next year

and yes is the 1TB vs 512MB card will make a big difference in that resolution ?
so which one am confused
thanx in advanced
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  1. Hi there chechnyan.

    What size monitor do you actually have?
    What games do you usually play?
    Do you really need the upgrade?

    At 1280 * 1024, I see no reason to buy a 4850. It would honestly be overkill.

    Do you need 1 gigabyte of memory? Usually textures and models and whatnot take up more than 512mb only at higher resolutions with AA/AF on.

    My suggestion? Keep the 3870, wait till DX11. I see no need for upgrade.
  2. theyre about equal. you will be happy with either. 4850 is probably slightly better on average. gts has cuda, which is good for transcoding. if u transcode at all.
  3. ok thanks guys
    i think the winner will be GTS 250
    i want to try my self that Cuda thing , i do video stuff from time to time
    will am still a bit sad that i will not support AMD this time :P
  4. well you could support them and wait for opencl
  5. I prefer ATI for there onboard support of audio over hdmi. Def a deal breaker for me when comparing the two. CUDA is not a big deal to me. To each his own, depends on what u want out of the card
  6. Using CUDA to transcode at this time = fail. It works, kind of. Using CUDA for PhysX processing works alright however. AMD supports audio over DMI. Which of these is best depends on what you do. If you play Crysis, or want CUDA, pick Nvidia. If you want sound over DMI for your HTPC, pick AMD. If you don't care about either, pick the cheapest.
  7. cuda transcoding does not equal fail. it works perfectly for me.

    its fast and effective.
  8. I havea problem. I want Audio over HDMI + I want CUDA for Transcoding.
    I know ATI has ATI Stream that can also supports transcoding, but right now for
    quality issues the Nvidia has a way better quality output when transcoding.

    I really prefer AMD, but now I think I'll have to switch to Nvidia.. Also Nvidia supports
    LCPM Audio for TrueHd and DTS MA. I think AMD Cant. Not sure for that.

    I dont care too much in games, but I prefer high quality, a fast transcode and HDMI
    Audio.... Damn!..Any suggestions. Im focused on 9600GT/GTS250 or ATI 4650HD/4850HD
  9. ^ I don't think he wants to play $250-$400 for a GPU. lol
  10. :) :) lol
    this thread is still running.
    i did purchase the HD 4850 and from HIS with the ICEQ4 Cooler , and yes i am really satisfied
    the best card i ever get,
    not to mention the how cool is it
    i didn't first believe it , that GPU temps would reach 39 38 c idle
    and doesn't ever reach 75c. that's for the fantastic cooler from HIS
    as for the performance ,, will on the res of 1680 x 1050,
    i didn't face any lag in any game, all my games runs smoothly ,
    thank you guys for helping me to go with this card
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