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I need to build six systems for my wife's business, can anyone suggest a rock solid no frills LGA 775 motherboard?

Happy Holidays!
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  1. Any of the g31 boards will work fine. I use an msi g31 for it's "live update" software. It finds and downloads the bios and driver updates while in windows with a few clicks. I use the g31-m3f v2 with gigabyte lan, but it's discontinued. They have a newer version, the p21. For directx 10, the g41 chipset boards will work fine.
  2. Until you get a real socket..rock solid is not to be used as an adjective for pee-less cpus. :whistle:

    rewind one generation everybody, and boycott intel and amd. simple.
    and rock solid returned like a legend.
  3. Gigabyte GA-G41m-ES2L.
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