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i wonder what would be the best low profile cpu cooler for a HTPC system. i have just bought a Zalman cnps8700-NT for my computer. Could anyone suggest a better cooler, note it has to be small. Or is this pretty much a very good cooler, compared to things like the scythe shuriken.
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  1. Scythe usually gets excellent marks for quiet coolers, the Shuriken also gets decent marks for cooling. The best place to check cooler reviews is
  2. i think someone told me to go for the zalman cnps8700 instead of the shuriken. It looks better, especially since my case has windows and it has an led fan. Apparently it has water in it's heat tube but is that common with most heatsink coolers? The heat tubes travel around the whole of the cpu cooler. Might they have about the same cooling perofrmance and in that case i might as well stick with the zalman cnps8700nt? Would you say that this cooler was about the same, or very slightly worse than the Arctic freezer 64 pro?
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