CPU Fan Error 2054 RPM?

Recently built my PC, and got it working and everything, but upon every boot. I get a CPU Fan Error like such below.


But the fan seems t be spinning. And the rate is pretty high above 2000 RPM


Also the CPU seems to be running at a pretty cool rate.


So I really don not know. It is in the correct slot as it shows up as the first under the monitor fan speed in the BIOS. Also there does not seem to be much heat in the case. I just want to get rid of it, because I have to hear it every time it boots and then go into the BIOS. And reset for it to actually boot the computer correctly. It seems to work fine and the temperature never goes up. I have tried different fan slots, even non CPU slots. I tempted to take the heatsink that came with my processor and plug it in the CPU fan slot and just let it spin and see if it doesn't make me go to the BIOS.
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  1. Well I tried the stock heatsink by sticking it in the 1st CPU fan slot, it stops the error message and I see what it is. I think it is because my Hyper 212 does not start spinning until the error message appears. Is there anyway to make it spin right away while keeping it in the 1st or OPT CPU fan socket. Because If I stick it any where else it does not detect it, and still makes the message appear?
  2. I think the problem is in the ASUS bios. That is an ASUS board right?
    Go into Advanced in your bios and lower the alarm threshold and see if it helps. I had the same issue.
    Also go into FanXpert in the AI Suite and do the Test rpm function.
  3. Yeah its a Crosshair V, but under advanced which tab is that under and same for the other thing, where is that?
  4. xVeccs said:
    Yeah its a Crosshair V, but under advanced which tab is that under and same for the other thing, where is that?

    Fan expert is part of the AI Suite software that comes on the installation disk. It's an optional install so you may have skipped it. If you did, I suggest you do the install as the AI Suite is handy

    I don't remember exactly which tab the alarm setting for the low rpm threshold is. Just go into your bios. Select the advanced options, then go through each of the 5 or 6 tabs. It should be really easy to find.
  5. Its on the Motherboard driver disk?
  6. Also, yeah I went through still, Idk if I'm missing it. Or its just not there.
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