Can't format the drive!

Hello there

I've got a WD 500 GB 32Mb buffer hdd with two partitions C and D installed on my asus m2n with amd athlone 3000. My entire system is old but hdd is only 5 months old. I used to run my xp on it until a virus atack took it down and it didn't startup anymore and gave me this error: the operating system is missing.
I tried to format the C:\ but non of winxp or win7 or acronis disk director server could format the drive! I tried many times until I gave up and installed my old WD 160 GB which had lots of actual errors before. I installed a win 7 on it and tolerated it's being too heavy until I tried to format the 500gb and I could! and I installed a new xp on it that is running right now.

I'm afraid of the same thing happen again. Please help.
One more question: Do you think if my guaranty service will find out my drives errors and change it for me?

All advises will be appreciated
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  1. I would highly recommend running an Anti-Virus to help prevent it from occurring again (I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials).

    Not sure on the other question on what you are asking?? Do you think if my guaranty service will find out my drives errors and change it for me?
  2. 1. I had avira antivirus installed. No threats were reported and now on my new xp I've installed a norton internet security.Do you still recommend Microsoft security essentials?

    2. Sorry for my weak language. I don't know if I send it back to the guaranty or not. I have to buy an external drive and back up all my data so I can send the drive to support but I am not sure they can find out the problem with it. Because no error is found by windows or other tools.
    Do I have to deal with my problematic hdd or do I try to get the guaranty fix or change it while it will cost more than 100$ to me?
  3. Let me guess the new 500GB drive is SATA and the old 160 drive is IDE. If so then you will need the SATA driver from your motherboard manufactures website to Install XP and need to use that driver by pressing 'F6' durring the early part of the windows install process. What error code did you get when trying to install Win 7?
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    1.) Norton Internet Security is good but typically has a cost factor (well the last time I look it did), where MSE is free. It is your call

    2.) If the drive is running fine now, I see no reason to RMA for a replacement / repair of the hard drive. It doesn't sound like it as a permit issue with the drive but just an error you encountered during the formatting process (typically, you can't format a drive when it is the C drive from the OS).
  5. to tecmo34: thank you . You totally answered my question.
    to anonymous: Thank you too. Your guess is true but it doesn't look to be my issue. Because I had easily installed both xp and 7 on the same drive before the mentioned attack. I also don't remember the error code.
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  7. A little late to the game, but:

    If the C partition was the boot partition, you can't format it unless you find something else to boot from. Even a DOS floppy would do, although I use my EASEUS bootable DVD (not free, though).
  8. Thank you WyomingKnott. I know what you say. But my trouble was That I couldn't format even when I booted from a bootable drive like hiren's boot cd and so on.
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