USB Ports not working after new MB install

So I install new MB, Chip and Memory and load windows. No USB or PS2 mouse or keyboard. I am locked out of windows. ASUS tech says to me I have to format and reinstall OS in order to fix the problem. I know that will fix the problem but so would buying a new car if you got a flat tire yet we don't do that too often.

My question is what if any is the work arround here. I Can not imagine that everyone who buys a new Motherboard has to Format and reinstall their OS.

I have almost of TByte of Data on this hard drive for work and although it is backed up I would hate to have to reinstall all of the software which I may not have the disks available .

Thanks :)
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  1. Depends on what version of windows you're running. My usb ports won't work without one of the service packs. I suggest you check the device manager for conflicts. Control panel>system>hardware>device manager. If you find any marks next to a device, uninstall it. Reinstall the latest service pack or security update for your windows operating system. Then reboot. Then try installing the usb driver from your motherboard cd. That should fix any usb problems.
  2. I recently had a USB problem with an ASUS motherboard. I installed another USB port, a separate port, and am back in business.
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