Catalyst 9.7 and or 4890

I had horrible crashing/lockups and glitches in H.A.W.X. and Company of Heroes while using the new 9.7 drivers on my new XFX 4890. Had to roll back to Cat. 9.6 and so far so good. Anyone else having probs with the new package ?

Also, just curious, those of you that go ATI usually or have 1 now, what brand and why ? I went with XFX for the warranty over Sapphire, even though Sapphire is sometimes more innovative and ATI's main partner (so possible better tweaks, first for new bios etc..)
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  1. I'll need to try out the drivers myself to see if it works or not. I have an XFX 4890 as well btw.

    Honestly, from my experience (I've used XFX for geforce cards and now ATI as well as EVGA and Diamond) but those brands really don't matter much to me. The important thing that you need to look for in brands are:

    1) Cooling system they've used
    2) Warranty issues
    3) How reputable the company is (so they won't skimp out on you when you complain about a broken card)

    Otherwise, performance is very close and those XXX edition or Black Edition is just BS because you can probably OC their stock card to about the same and if you're hell of a modder you can mod the cooling yourself or even pump up the voltages if you know what you're doing.


    Seems to be working fine on L4D. The game launches just fine. No corruption. You might want to try do a clean install (uninstall 9.6 manually and then install 9.7)
  2. I did a clean install though, total reinstall of vista from bare metal. Maybe just these 2 games, or maybe major bugs.
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