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When i click on the windows netowork icon it says that my internet speed is 100 mbps but when i download something firefox says that it is around 250 kbps. What is the difference between these two numberds or which one is right.
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  1. 100 Mbps = 100,000,000 bits per second
    250 kbps = 250,000 bits per second

    Both are right. the 100Mbps is just reporting the connection type you have. Doesn't mean the actual transfer rate at that time which is what Firefox is reporting.
  2. Your LAN connection can handle speeds up to 100mbps.

    When your downloading something, Firefox says that it's currently downloading at 250kbps.

    Your internet speed depends on your ISP connection. You can ask them what's your current subscription speed. You may test your internet connection speed from websites like
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