Chassis intruded

Hello guys.
Before 2 days i have learn for first time about this popular and old problem after so many years having computer and repairing computers :ouch:
I put back the jumpers as it says in manual,i reset cmos and it work!!!! :D
but unfortunately only in the 1st startup because if i restart the pc for 2nd time the warning appears AGAIN!! CHASSIS INTRUDED SYSTEM HALTED FATAL ERROR!!!
i have tried anything i found while i was googling
change ram slots,reset again and again and again,replace jumper,remove jumper everything!!!on the second boot the message appears!!! im starting freaking out soo much so i need your help if u have experienced the same problem!!!thank you very much
My rig is
Thermaltake Shark
Thermalatake 500W PSU
Asus 7600gt
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  1. Your bios should have a setting to disable the "chasis intrussion" message. Mine was in the hardware monitor section. Your post screen will tell which key to use to enter the bios. I use one of the "f" keys or the "del" key.
  2. unfortunately i check the manual and the bios but i couldnt find similar thing to disable the intrusion protection
  3. i try it but still not luck!!:(
    i forgot to mention that sometimes if u touch the case,especially inside u feel electricity intence!!i try to hold the psu out of the case to ensure that is not psu problem and i was not feeling the electricity!!i check the mb but i cannot see anything wrong!!
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