Raid 0 w/ 2x SSD

hello , im trying to configure a raid 0 before i install windows 7 on my new computer , but i have a problem :
when i enter to the BIOS - Advanced - Onboard devices configuration , on ''Marvell 9128 Controller'' i have 3 options which are as follows , Disabled or AHCI Mode or IDE Mode.So wich of those should i put?

The SSD's that im using are 2x Crucial C300 64gb sata 3 6gbs wich are connected on port1 and port2 of the marvell controller ( white one in the mobo Asus P6X58D-E)

Help me please! Thank you in advance.
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  1. Hmm I believe that you won't use AHCI since SSDs in RAID loose their TRIM support, maybe IDE but not sure gonna dig the interwebs for that, if I was you I would wait and get one of those new SATA III SSDs I am waiting for the OCZs vertex 3 to change my 128gb C300 :D and they should perform extremelly well WITH TRIM support :)
  2. Set it to ACHI, then do your settings of the Marvell Controller in the BIOS to RAID. Read the manual.

    I'm not 100% sure you can set the Marvell to RAID. I know you can with the X58/ICH10R chipset, but then it's not SATA III.
  3. The Marvell 9128 6G chip on most boards maxes out at just over 400MB/s and has poor caching performance. The newest 9182 Marvell chip is much stronger but very limited in use so far. Has to do with the PCI-E 1x speed bottleneck on your board.

    You'd be better off on the ICH10R if you have it available.
  4. so basically its better to configure them on sata ll ports instead sata lll to get that TRIM?
  5. also i was reading in some forums that they will work at much more speed on sata ll for a raid 0 than sata lll , like about 150Mb/s more is that true?
  6. depending on the mobo they are attached to the Marvell tops out at just over 400MB/s regardless of the drives max potential whereas the ICH10R can go 700MB/s. So , yes the Marvell has limitations due to immature drivers/poor caching and PCI-E x1 speed caps.
  7. well the mobo is an Asus P6X58D-E i dont know if it has those drivers available , are they? and if not, can i put the 6gbs cables from SSD's to a sata ll ports w/o any problem?
  8. Groberts101,

    Your post about the current speeds of 2 different controllers has me worried just a bit.

    I had planned on purchasing x2 OCZ vertex 3's with 550MB/s speeds. equaling 1.1GB/s But if your right, my current sabertooth motherboard with sports a Marvell 9128, can't achive that because of a very hard to find piece of information regarding the limitations of it at 400MB/s.

    Additionally, your also saying that even switching controllers to the intel one will only give me a total pipeline of 700MB/s. So what motherboard out there can support even just 2 550MB/s sata 3 ssd's? Let alone someone with more cash and the need for x4 in raid 0.

    I'm having a very very hard time confirming any of this information via the web, as I have been looking for days with no luck. I would really like to know if my asus sabertooth x58 has a problem with speed regarding sata 3.

    It's almost sounding like i'm limited to only x2 vertex 2's.....
  9. there are many off-the -record benchmarks in this thread.

    If you look at Praz's Marvell benchmarks on the ASUS Maximus IV you can see that the nnewer chip(9182 instead of your 9128) supports greater throughput. This because the Marvell chip on that board supports 2 x PCI-E x1 lanes instead of your current 1 lane architecture.

    As for the boards ability to allow higher throughput? It would be down to the Intel and AMD boards using sata3 ports/chips as they have higher max throughput availability versus the other sata2 variants.

    If you raid the V3's up to sata2 ports it would be like a hybrid speed of sorts and closer to sata2 Vertex 2 raid capabilities.

    IMHO, the biggest gains with the V3 is the reduction in Durawrite throttling through much more aggressive firmware algorithms and "on the fly" cleaning. V3's also have much higher write speeds using AS SSD/CDM3 and other streams of incompressible data(vids,pics,etc).

    Personally, I would always go with newer gens as a future sata3 mobo upgrade would allow full potential to be seen. KInd of like an upgrade built into an upgrade. Good Luck and hope I didn't confuse the matter even more for ya.
  10. Groberts101,

    Thanks for the timlely input.

    I'm not confused at all and completely understand. I'm pretty set on the new V3's regardless of anything. I simply don't like the idea of not getting what I paid for results. I have spent the better half of this morning reviewing many websites on the V3's using different benchmark programs, and controllers. And from what it looks like, If I put them on the Jmicron sata 2 controller (which is my sata 2 controller), i'll hit my 300MB/s (per-port) ceiling pretty much all daylong.

    Is your assessment of the 9128 marvell at 400MB/s per port? Or grand total read/write max raided or not?

    When the V3's become available locally (silicon valley Cali.), I plan on grabbing x2 120's in raid 0 or a single 256. I have 2 more questions for you.

    Would you buy 1 big SSD or raid 0 2 small ones?
    Would you use the 2 Sata3 ports or the Sata 2 ports? And why?

    By-the-way, thanks for all your help. (Sorry for sorta-ninjaing the thread)
  11. wickedsnow said:
    I'm pretty set on the new V3's regardless of anything. I simply don't like the idea of not getting what I paid for results. I have spent the better half of this morning reviewing many websites on the V3's using different benchmark programs, and controllers. And from what it looks like, If I put them on the Jmicron sata 2 controller (which is my sata 2 controller), i'll hit my 300MB/s (per-port) ceiling pretty much all daylong. Seriously need to consider sitting down and reading/rereading the entire 50 pages(probably about 5 once you whittle out all the crap). LOL The info you are after is in tidbits throughout that thread. I even make comment about the need to understand this controller before running out and buying one since they are so different and complex. Durawrite and compression algorithms make it interesting, that's for sure. Not saying you won't like it, but it does have limitations even moreso because of that complexity and care needs to be taken before becoming an early adopter for a controller your not familiar with.

    Would you buy 1 big SSD or raid 0 2 small ones? My input about this on the last few pages of the above linked thread and to save much time here, I would refer you there.

    Would you use the 2 Sata3 ports or the Sata 2 ports? And why?

    Not sure what you mean by that but if you're asking about using "your" options.. 9128 or Intels ICH10R?.. I would go with Intel 100% of the time due to much better caching and throughput. My ICH10R rocks and Marvell can't even come close. So, yes.. the Marvell has a 400'ish speed cap regardless of how you get there(1 fast sata3 or 2 slower sata2's. My highly OC'd X58 rig hits 800MB/s on the ICH10R with most other performance systems hovering around 700MB/s speed caps.

    With a JMicron sata chip, and to be blunt, I would not even consider raid since one drive would totally saturate that chip in every way possible. Buy the smaller V3 for now and buy one more for R0 later on when the hardware is up to the task.

    What mobo do you have here?
  12. Groberts101,

    I use the ASUS sabertooth X58. According to the bios, I have a Jmicron controller with 6 sata2 ports and the marvell 9128 with 2 sata3 ports.

    Here's is a newegg spec link.

    In my device manager is shows under (IDE ATA contollers, the intel ICH10R 6-port.) So i'm assuming the jmicron is just another name for intel.

    And the marvell shows up under (storage controllers)

    Below is my complete system. I'm currently using a velociraptor, but I plan on changing it to the x2 V3's

    i7-950 OCed to 4.0GHZ
    Corsair H70
    Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard
    12 gigs of corsair XMS3 7-8-7-20 ram @1600mhz
    Samsung 24X dvd-burner
    X2 EVGA 570 SCs with Hi-flow brackets
    Creative Fatality pro titanium sound card (PCI express)
    OS drive is a 300GB Velociraptor
    Data drive is a 2TB WD Black (Sata3 model)
    Corsair HX1000W PSU
    HAF-X case / with megaflow fans.
  13. no, you just misunderstood the sata chip layout of your board. Without going to the mfgrs site I would guess you have a premuim board with 3 different chips. 6 x ICH10R, 2 x Marvell 6G, and at least 2 port internal and 1-2 external running off the JMicron.

    So you are right in line with what I mentioned above. 2 V3's in R0 would run near a 1000 score in AS SSD(550 reads/280'ish writes) and around 550/525 in ATTO. Don't know if those numbers mean anything to ya, but is easy enough to compare to other drives/arrays based off of them.
  14. Groberts101,

    Thank you again for helping me and answering my questions.

    I looked very carefully at the link in your earlier post, and saw conflicts. many people are saying that the V3's don't really shine unless on a sata 3 controller. Other posts confirm what you have said about the intel being awesome.

    However, i am curious to know if the latest firmware and drivers will make a difference. I cannot seem to find any new benchmarks or information regarding the latest software updates for the marvell. I did however see this post below and found it interesting. You mentioned that one big limitation of the 9128 marvell is that it only uses 1 pci-e lane. Well, my motherboard has the below option.....

    (Quoted from this website.);topic=4236.0

    Finally I will mention here that if you are using a drive configuration that has an I/O throughput above roughly 150 MB/s without a SATA 6G interface to the drive(s) you need to manually enable "Turbo SATA" in the BIOS. The default setting is "AUTO" and this will enable "Turbo SATA" whenever a 6G SATA device is connected.

    Note Turbo SATA reconfigures the PCIe bus to the Marvell 9128 controller. Using NON-"Turbo SATA" mode, the 9128 connects to the chipset through a PCIe 1.0 x1 bus. "Turbo SATA" mode uses 1/2 the PCIe bus from the video card and now the 9128 is connected through a PCIe 2.0 x8 bus (16x more throughput compared to the PCIe 1.0 x1). While in theory this means your video card will be slower, the reality is if you have a single GPU, nothing available today can fully utilize even a PCIe 2.0 x8 bus so you shouldn't see any video performance reduction. If you have dual video cards or a dual GPU card, this may reduce the video performance."

    Interesting no? i have these settings in my bios. And while I don't wish to slow-down my 570's, i am curious on your thoughts if 8 pci-e lanes would open it up and make any difference.

    I suppose the main reason i'm trying to push/understand this marvell problem is my lack of understanding on the intel controller? I work best with figures, numbers. According to your numbers, in raid 0 the intel controllers are getting between 700MB/s - 800MB/s. But I thought the max was 300MB/s on ANY sata2 controller. Wouldn't that be 600MB/s max? I didn't think there was an exception to that rule.

    If one V3 is rated at 550MB/s read and 525MB/s write, how would putting them on the intel controller not bottleneck them? SSD's scale around 99% or greater. So I should be seeing numbers like 1.1GB/s read and 1.05GB/s writes. Do the V3's really (work as advertised?) I mean all of this could be a complete moot point if the V3's are much slower than advertised, and the intel is THE exception to the rule regarding 300MB/s. Which could be what your basically saying and i'm just not understanding correctly? I apologize if i'm not. It's 3:20am and I'm tired, lol.
  15. I really hope that I'm not over-thinking this. I think my brain just blew a fuse.
  16. First of all the marvel 9128 chip on X58 board doesnt share x8 pci-e. Dont know where you got that info, but it doesnt work this way. Max limit for the marvell 9128 is 400mb/sec.

    And for what about the ICH10 sata II controller, they have a bandwith limit around 300mb/sec on the motherboard.

    sata 1 = 150mb/sec
    sata 2 = 300mb/sec
    sata 3 = 600mb/sec
  17. Vertex 3 on Marvel 9128. Much much lower which you guys had in mind? Well this is tested by dudes on the OCZ Forum.
  18. Wrong image posted. The above is an Vertex 3 on the ICH10.

    The below stated image is an Vertex 3 on Marvel 9128.

    And why i cant edit my own messages?!?
  19. those are my machines tests so feel free to ask questions about it.

    And Oxize is right, the Marvell only has PCI-E x1 throughput so regardless of hooking 1 drive or 2 in R0.. the throughput stays the same. Best I could hit was 440'ish with Atto which is best case and therefore tests the busses capability.

    here's a Intel sata2 to compare to.

    EDIT: oops.. that's not a fair comparison as that test is with 4.2ghz OC whereas the others above were at stock settings. Here's a non-OC screen.
  20. gRobert: I am building an new pc atm. It has ICH10 sata II and Marvel 9128. Which ssd should i buy?

    Vertex 2 240GB or Vertex 3 240GB? Vertex 2 total bandwith is around 200ish. Vertex 3 around 350/400ish if i have to believe your tests on these controllers.
  21. last post(3rd) on this thread explains my personal experience with my 240GB V3 compared to my V2's
  22. Hmm, okay thanks! Going for V3 then :P
  23. You had it running on a marvel 9128 (X58), right groberts?
  24. look through the fist 5-6 pages here. Gives a good overview of what to expect.

    Good Luck with the hunt and enjoy.
  25. since I couldn't edit. heres another post.

    look through the fist 5-6 pages here. Gives a good overview of what to expect.

    Good Luck with the hunt and enjoy.

    EDIT: yes.. Gigabyte X58-UD5. most other boards will use the same chip running PCI-E x1 speeds too.
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