Msi Mobo, Win 7 on SATA, will not boot to Win XP ide hard drive

Win 7, on SATA, boots.
Win XP, on IDE ,did boot when first installed, leaving XP disc in drive and not touching bios.
Removed XP disc.
Put Win 7 in drive to boot to Win 7. Remove Win 7 from drive.
Set bios sequence to boot to Win XP. Boots to Win 7.
Tried to disable Win 7 in bios. Boots to Win 7.

How do I get the boot sequence to boot to the drive I want?
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  1. You need to pick one of the drives as the boot drive, and the other one as secondary. The ide drive has a jumper you can change. For the sata, I use the hardrive software from the manufacturer's website. For my hardrives, "maxblast 5" works with maxtor and seagate drives, and possibly other brands. The software will set up the sata as the boot or secondary drive. It may require you to format one of the drives to make it to work. There is a special sequence to set up an xp drive for windows 7 so you won't lose your files, but I've never tried it, and don't have a link. Do a search. It's listed on microsoft's website.
  2. I will try thank-you.

    I am curious still.

    Current bios settings:

    My Maxtor hd, with XP on IDE is set to master with jumper. The DVD set to slave.

    The sata drive is set to master. My other DVD set to slave.

    So with maxblast 5 I set the sata drive, and I set the IDE drive with jumper. How do I set the the DVD drives?
    Will I be able to boot from either hard drive?
  3. This post is old but someone might need the information on how to fix the problem.

    You need to create a dual-boot system instead of setting the BIOS to boot to the desired version of Windows.

    Read these Q&As for information on how to do that:

    Can I add the SATA hard disk drive with Windows XP Pro on it from my old PC to my new Windows 7 PC to create a dual-boot system? -

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