Locked out of HDD after a freeze during formatting :(

Thanks for taking a minute to look this over and thanks in advance also for any guidance you can offer me with this.

I was parting out a laptop and was working on formatting the hard drive using a usb to sata cable.

I was accomplishing this by right clicking the drive and choosing the format option through windows 7 ultimate 64 bit (i dont know if that is an important detail or not about the windows version but yeah just in case..)

The first drive I did yesterday formatted without a problem, it took awhile because I unchecked the quick format option (someone i used to work with told me that was not a good option for used drives, any comments or insights on if thats true or not?) After about 2 hours the 80 gb ide was finished successfully.

When I hooked up a 250 gb western digital scorpio sata laptop hdd to the cable it showed up the same way as the last one and started to format but was going SOOOOOOOOO SLOW, after awhile I determined that it was not even moving (We are talking 3 hours and it wasnt more than 10% finished so I cancelled it and figured I could just try again but now its saying that I do not have the rights to access the drive. I am unable to run a format now but i remember hearing about a program on hirens that was for forcing reformats on stubborn drives, maybe it was boot and nuke hdd eraser? Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Anyways I am really in a hurry to get this reformatted because it is currently listed for sale, I did this while I was waiting for the other one to format and assumed that this one would go smoothly too. WRONG!

Any guidance as to how I can reformat this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my sad story!
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  1. Get a drive tester and run it on that WD drive. HDTune should do it, has a drive tester and a free demo. Sounds like the drive has some issues with it. Any decent boot disk will have a format utility, but you'd want to run a full scan on the drive, especially if you are selling it.
  2. Thanks for your response,

    Okay so just test it with like a PC Check or even better maybe the WDD Lifeguard program? I think thats specifically for western digital drives but I admit I don't have extensive experience with that program.

    So HDTune is good you say? I will check out that demo, will it actually fix anything or will it require me to pay to pull the trigger, so to speak?

    Thanks again for your advice.

    I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. Any issues found with the drive are probably hardware issues that you can't fix in software. The scan actually looks for issues with the drive, not just file system errors.
  4. Okay I see, well thats still helpful though if it identifies a problem that is definitely unfixable with software. Thank you again for your help with this. I still have not had a chance to try out your recommendation but I should have time tonight so I hope it tells me something definitive.

    Thanks again!
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