How to remove write protection on external disk

my element wd external felt down and stopped working,5 days later when i installed it on my laptop
it says write protected.pls i need to know how to remove that.
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  1. On one hand, when the drive falls, it tends to damage the internal or external connectors.
    However you can take the drive out of the box and use it again, connecting directly to the drive itself.
    Once you start the WD external drive on one computer it's secured, you have to reformat the drive to use it in another computer, I had the same problem but after connecting directly, reformat, it worked with windows 7.
    Reformat will prevent you from accessing the old files on the drive.
    Then again certain laptops have proprietary firmware which prevents installation of "any" drive, or "any" operating system. Depends on who makes it.
    On some Toshibas for example, People had trouble unless they used the "official" toshiba windows installation disk.
  2. i tried that on windows 7 machine yet know results
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