Dual Monitors, Second monitor looks poor.

Hello everyone. Used to have an old account but forgot the password. /face palm.

Long story short, I run a dual monitor setup. On the left I have my AOC 22" (Fine) and on the right, I have my Samsung 32" LCD Full HD TV. It runs as my second monitor (As well as TV, Foxtel and Wii).

My main problem, is that since updating the Samsung firmware, the graphics settings on the monitor have reverted back to stock (Bad looking). Example is having a web page (Firefox) full stretched to the screen (1920 x 1080 @ 1080p24). It looks terrible. Saying this, watching a movie is fine. It's like as someone has turned down the AA on the text. (Good example of this is this webpage... black writing does not look smooth. and has small white squares under it.

Now, I am smart when it comes to computers (Diploma of I.T) so I understand computer language. I have downloaded the latest drivers (190 something). I have gone through the Nvidia control panel and played with 3D settings to no avail.

Graphics card is a Galaxy Tech GTX 275 OC, and the Operating System is Windows 7 RC. if that helps in any form or way.

I am just hoping I have missed a setting. Thanks, Tom.

(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong sub-forum, kind of falls across 3 topics).
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    What type of cables are you using to connect to the Samsung?

    Samsung is known to have some problems that the latest firmware is supposed to fix. Read down to gunuts post.

    And possibly this
  2. Well got the solution in the end.

    I was using DVI to the AOC but HDMI to the Samsung.

    Ended up emailing Samsung. Got a very detailed reply. TV was in Demo mode. He gave me the correct settings to set up the TV how it used to be and it worked.

    Also downgraded the nvidia drivers back to 188 (Correct me if I am wrong). But will update again to make sure.

    Thanks for everyone who posted and/or read the thread.
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